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April Marie Mai

Teal Holographic Glitter and Purple Mushroom Keychain

$35 USD

Teal holographic glitter and purple resin keychain in the shape of a mushroom. I made 5, so yours may look different than shown. All have the teal glitter and the purple in them.

1 inch (25mm) diameter keychain with small swivel clip in metal, silver tone. Resin piece is approximately 2.25″x1.75″.

I love bumpy edges and textures more than perfect smoothness, so it may also make a good stress relief toy when you run your fingers around it. Each is a little work of art and different.


I approach every medium I work with embracing its natural behavior and variations, celebrating what makes it unique. With resin, this means that sometimes there will be stray glitter, confetti, or bubbles in my resin pieces. Things placed into resin drift around as it dries, so it’s not going to stay exactly where I put it in there. I find this beautiful. It makes each piece magical. The best approach is to have an open mind and know you’ll get something special instead of having rigid expectations. I’m not trying to recreate factory made items, I’m making a little work of art for you. If your heart is stuck on the one shown, let me know at checkout and if it’s available I’ll send it to you. If not, I’ll choose whichever is closest. It may take up to 2 weeks to create and cure your piece if it is not in stock.


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