Vibrant Visual Artist & Educator

April Marie Mai

We Will Not Be Silenced

Amplifying the voices of survivors of sexual assault
and harassment with simple and beautiful art.

In “We Will Not Be Silenced,” I fuse the artistry of quilt-making with the courage of survivor narratives, presenting a towering fiber piece that stands six feet tall. Inspired by my grandmother’s quilting tradition, each square features hand-painted ink patterns in vibrant blue, orange, and yellow stripes, echoing the warmth and comfort of a hung quilt. Short quotes, collected anonymously from survivors of sexual assault and harassment, adorn the squares, offering poignant glimpses into their experiences. As viewers engage with the piece, the fluttering fabric draws them closer, enveloping them in a visual symphony that simultaneously captivates and consoles. Through this artwork, I strive to amplify the voices of survivors, providing a platform for their stories while fostering empathy and solidarity among viewers.