Vibrant Visual Artist & Educator

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Artist's Statement

In my art, I meld vibrant hues, intricate motifs, and textures to traverse the human condition. Each palette knife stroke embodies personal and societal tales, navigating joy, adversity, and the taboo with raw honesty in each layer of impasto paint. Technology intertwines traditional craft with digital innovation, infusing my work with the warmth of human touch.

I weave together narratives of my Queer identity, autism, disability and sexual assault experiences, creating art that is deeply vulnerable and connects to the shared human subconscious, making a space where viewers can feel seen or have difficult conversations. Paint creates new beauty, photography integrates the details of everyday life and ink brings depth. Fiber symbolizes resilience, fostering dialogue and catalyzing transformation.

My art transcends reflection; it’s a beacon of hope, guiding us toward understanding and unity. Join me on a journey where colors dance, patterns speak, and textures sing—a symphony of life, love, and the human spirit, inviting you to feel, to reflect, and to be moved.