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Your membership helps me with:

Supply Costs

Canvas, paint, fabric, and all the other supplies I need to create add up fast.

Social Media Posting

It takes a lot more time and energy for me to use social media with my autism & ADHD.

My Website

The hosting, domains, and plugins needed to give this site its functionality.


I keep it simple, but there are basic things I need to create and share my work with you.


You're helping with the behind the scenes costs and labor of creating my content.


I work slower and have to spend most of my time resting because of my disabilities.

How It Works

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You'll automatically be able to see all the content included in your membership! You'll also have access to a homepage of your membership content through your account page.

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Content Drip

Some content is designed to drip over time, so you'll get access to it as your membership continues.

Change At Any Time

You can change or cancel your membership at any time, without needing me to do anything on my end. You have total control.

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I really appreciate your support at whatever level you are able.

Thank you so much!

About Membership
Snapcatch Home Page
Snapcatch Home Page
April Marie Mai
Artist and Educator

I create vibrant paintings that are full of autistic joy, art that advocates, and content that encourages you to be yourself and follow your happiness.

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