Electric Petal

Using technology to blanket Kansas City and beyond with new art spaces, building a larger and more inclusive arts community while creating fun new experiences.

I'm just getting started. Will you join me?

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Help me build this.


Only $5 per submission and a 10% commission. Viewers are linked directly to you to buy.


Visual art, music, poetry, audio and video submissions accepted.

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Seeking a diverse group of curators to create virtual art shows.


There are few limits. Curate a digital art show that fuels our community.



Host a physical location for a virtual art show.


You can even throw an opening party if you want!

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Donate to make this project happen, or partner with me to become a sponsor.


Donate $5, or get in on sponsorship opportunities. Electric Petal requires tech, materials and funds to work. We're making this together.

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Current Needs

$100 to order the first Petal Stickers
Lots of Artist Submissions
Some Curator Applicants
Some Location Applicants
Lots of Word of Mouth

How it works

Keep an eye out for these stickers!

When you find one...

Hold your phone up to the sticker until you get a notification, click on that notification, and you’ll be sent to the web page of that show.

For iPhones, usually the top middle is the spot on your phone that will read it. For some other phones, it might be down towards the middle of the phone on the back. This will work with most phones. Your phone needs to be capable of Near Field Communication.

Each show is different, so check them out whenever you find them!

Keep an eye on these numbers, they're going to change!

Artists Represented

What It Does

Creates virtual art shows that are linked to physical locations, so people can check them out when they're going around town.


Electric Petal is focused on creating new space and community for local artists, art lovers and businesses.

Electric Petal is Artist Created + Led

You can tell by looking at the website. Electric Petal is a project of Visual Artist April Marie Mai, and hosted on their site. April is a Queer Disabled Artist experiencing the inaccessibility and lack of diverse voices that is a result of the way the current submission and show system works. April strongly believes in the beauty and depth that artists in KC and beyond have to share. There are simply not enough accessible spaces for art. Using technology, Electric Petal creates some of the missing spaces and connections that we so desperately need as artists. Can we create a system that is more equitable and accessible for artists, while being fun for residents? April thinks we can, we just have to look beyond our current limitations.


Map coming soon!

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