Electric Petal Sponsorship

Sponsor Electric Petal, an innovative technological project by a local artist which creates virtual art exhibits all over the Kansas City area.

Our art community in Kansas City is oversaturated and there simply are not enough spaces to show all the great artwork that artists are making. We’re also lacking accessibility for Disabled Artists and inclusion of marginalized artists in general.

Electric Petal uses NFC tag technology and stickers to create a physical location for a virtual art show that people can access simply by holding their phone up to the sticker and clicking on the alert that pops up.

I’m using this to create a virtual art community that will blanket Kansas City, providing space for art shows, connection for artists, opportunities for curators, fun experiences for the public, and an integration into the city itself.

As you can guess, this costs money. I’m looking for people who want to invest in building this project. Any amount at all is appreciated. It is not tax exempt.


Sponsor Options

Petal Sponsors – $50 – Cover the placement of one Electric Petal sticker & tech. Your name will be included on a Sponsor list on my website.

Flower Sponsors – $100 – Cover the placement of one Electric Petal location plus a payment to its curator. Your name will be included in the Sponsor List and you will be listed as a Sponsor on one show’s page. You may state publicly and on social media that you have sponsored that Petal.

Leaf Sponsors – $200 – Help Electric Petal grow and spread the word to artists, curators, and locations. You get the previous benefits plus I will mention your name on my social media as a Leaf Sponsor.

Vine Sponsors – $300 – Partner with Electric Petal directly, have the Petal placed at your chosen location on your property, and the show integrate something your business offers OR have a topic somehow relating to your business. Plus you get the previous benefits. For example: You have the Petal placed on the glass outside your restaurant, where people can walk by and tap their phones to view, and I post it on my map. The linked show suggests they come inside and enjoy a slice of your lemon meringue pie while they peruse the virtual gallery. This requires a product sample.

Root Sponsors – $500 – Help Electric Petal get established so it can expand. You get all the previous benefits, and if you host an Opening Event party, I will share it on my social media, plus you get an Electric Petal Limited Edition 8″x10″ Artwork Print by me you can frame and display that is only for Root Sponsors. This level provides me with some payment for my labor and some funds to put toward the technology and hosting I need for Electric Petal.

If you have a specific sponsorship request, please contact me and I will work with you.

Thank you so much!




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