Neurodiversity Celebration Week

Humans come in lots of different neurotypes. Here are 10 Ways to Celebrate Neurodiversity Celebration Week.
Electric Painting by April Marie Mai
Electric Painting by April Marie Mai

Neurodivergence is the many ways that our brains can vary from what is ‘expected,’ both physically and functionally. Neurodivergence is an umbrella that includes many things, some of which are: ADHD, Autism, BPD, DID, Epilepsy, CPTSD, NPD, Dyslexia, and many more. Some Neurodivergencies we are born with (like Autism and ADHD), and some are the result of trauma (like CPTSD and NPD). Many people have more than one.

We get a lot of hate for our differences, both for the traits of them we exhibit and for having the diagnosis itself. I grew up listening to sermons that called my ADHD traits sins. I can not move to Australia because I am Autistic. We tend to experience more abuse and bullying.

It appears to scientists that most humans are neurodivergent in some way. Neurotypicality is actually the minority.

Neurodiversity is the recognition of all our different neurotypes.

So how do we celebrate Neurodiversity?

  1. Find Neurodivergent artists, creators, and more and follow, share, support, and purchase from them.
  2. Work with Neurodivergent people who provide services, contract with and hire them.
  3. Support diverse representation of Neurodivergent people. Blast the stereotype of it being a primarily white male thing.
  4. Support shows with neurodivergent roles written and played by people with that specific neurodivergence. Otherwise it is just an ableist acting out of stereotypes.
  5. Understand that people are doing their best, and they might be going through things you could never imagine.
  6. Make safe space for people who are Neurodivergent to be ourselves.
  7. Accommodate us and include us in everything.
  8. Support people wearing PJs in public, carrying plushies, and moving or communicating differently.
  9. Celebrate and support all our differences.
  10. Protect us. We are people you know and love. You could also be neurodivergent and not know it yet!

I create my Color Explosion series because the paintings are Autistic glimmers (a special type of joy) for me. I hope they’re a joy for you!

[Image Description: “Electric” by April Marie Mai, Acrylic and Glitter on Canvas. 12″ x 12″ x 1.5″ 2022
A square impasto (thick paint) acrylic abstract painting with neon orange, neon green, neon blue, neon yellow, neon pink, neon purple, neon red and white created in an expressive palette knife movement style and sprinkled with holographic dot and bar glitter. It feels vibrant and electric.]


What do you think?

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