Happy Autism Acceptance Month!

Happy Autism Acceptance Month!

We don’t need awareness, as if it’s a disease. We need understanding, acceptance, and celebration of our differences!

I’ll be posting more about autism on Patreon, with patron only posts. I’ve been sharing a lot elsewhere about my experiences with autism online, but I really need to focus on doing so in a way that supports me as well. I appreciate your support so much, and I hope you find some of it educational and enjoy learning. As always, these are my experiences, and while many autistic people have similar ones, and I’ve learned how to view them and approach them through a social justice lens from other autists, none of my comments are directed at one person, and they’re definitely not about you! I can be blunt, and my observations can bother people because they go against what society teaches, as society is built on ableism. I share out of love. I hope what I have to share is helpful.

Love, April

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