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April Marie Mai

A Guide to Autism for Newbies

Getting Started: A Guide to the 'Tism for Newbies (I mean Autism. Swipe for More) April Marie Mai

I took a mindfulness guide and turned it into an Autism Guide!

It’s short and sweet, but it includes a lot of things I’ve learned along the way that might help you whether you’re autistic or you love someone who is autistic, or if you just want to be ready to be a better friend. Remember our brains are wired differently, and every single one is different, so what helps me might not help others; but here are some ideas on where you could start.

**This is representative of my own experience. All autistic people have different experiences and needs. This does not represent them all, or even all of my own.**

***Please do not call it the ’tism unless you are autistic. It is a slur reclaiming type of situation, and only autistic people can reclaim it.***