Artistic Affinities

7 square cards for the “Autistic Affinities Visual Card Game By April Marie Mai.” The top right square has orange ink line abstract painting with 2 lines of white showing behind a teal circles watercolor, with a dash of sprinkles of color from one of my abstract Color Explosion paintings in pink, blue, teal, yellow, green and white. The square below that has a purple allium flower, which is made up of many purple flowers in a globe, a photograph of some of my sketchbooks as a strip on the left side, and blue watercolor splatter along the bottom. To the left of that is a drawing of mine of circles in black ink touching each other, each a slightly different shape because they were drawn by hand, with a white paper behind it peeking through on the right side and the bottom and rainbow splatter from my abstract paintings all over. The square to the left of that one has a mirrored close up of one of my abstract paintings, with mainly hot pink around and a diamond with stripes of darker hot pink, blue, yellow, white, orange and purple inside; the top fourth of the image has teal hand drawn circles on top and there are two purple and yellow pansy flowers in the bottom left corner. The square below that has a mirrored abstract pattern in sky blue and pomegranate red with bits of white and olive green, creating red stars and curved corner star shapes; the bottom left half of the image has hand drawn circles in a slightly different version of sky blue. The square to the right of that one has a hexagon pattern with seafoam green, blue, orange, yellow and black abstract drawing with outlines in black ink and filled in with circles and dots, with a watercolor line going vertically on the left side in seafoam green with a thin graphite pencil line within. The last square in the bottom right corner is a close up photograph of dots on white paper in sky blue, with squiggly lines going up and down the left side of the image in black and black watercolor splash on the bottom half.

A preview of a project that I hope to create…fingers crossed!

A I is creating art made from the stolen work of others…meanwhile I’m just remixing my own!