Paint Pouring Workshop - Saturday, December 3, 2-5pm

Join me for a paint pouring workshop, surrounded by plants and art (plus blooming orchids). I’ll show you how paint pouring works and help you create your own unique 10″x10″ acrylic painting on canvas, while you enjoy a relaxed and supportive ambiance. Paint pouring is fun, simple and fast and gets fascinating results. Each painting is unique, and you never know exactly what will happen. You’ll have a rainbow of paint colors to choose from to create your art, including metallic options, and you can add a bit of glitter if you want. Great for a date, exploring your creative side, or helping your child explore their creativity. LGBTQ+ friendly. Masks required.

This is during my Art Studio Open House from 1-6pm. I will do the demo at 2. I will be juggling guests and the workshop at the same time, so I will go back and forth as needed.

**Please read details below before signing up. You agree to them by registering.**

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This workshop is limited to people I know, KCL, and their partners/friends/family.
If you do not fit into these categories and want to attend, please contact me prior to registration.

Schedule: Please arrive on time. We’ll start at 2; feel free to come at 1:45. That said, this is a one by one workshop, so you can arrive anytime during the class, but my demo will be at 2.

Covid Precautions: I am immunocompromised and so are some of my students. For everyone’s safety, I require that all attendees take a Covid-19 test within 24 hours prior to coming and test negative, as well as being Covid-19 vaccinated/boostered if old enough. Masks are required. Please wash your hands when you arrive. If you cannot meet these requirements due to disability, please contact me and let me know your circumstances and I will attempt to accommodate you. If you are feeling sick, please let me know and do not attend.

Clothing: Wear comfortable clothes with short sleeves. Art supplies can get on your clothes and acrylic paint and adhesives do not wash out. Pajamas and workout clothes are fine; whatever makes you feel comfortable. I usually wear pajamas. You can change when you arrive if you like. I’ll have you leave your shoes at the door.

Expectations: I will model how to create a poured painting, then you will each take a turn making your own with my help. I will have a variety of paint color options, including some metallic ones, and the ability to add glitter if you want. Each student gets one on one time this way, and we all get to see what everyone else makes. People with child students and disabled people will get to cut to the front of the line. You can leave when you have completed your painting or you can stay to see what everyone else makes and socialize.

Location: Near downtown Overland Park, KS. You will need to be able to climb a flight of stairs to access the space. I will send the address right before the event. There is ample close parking. Please leave the closest spots for my neighbors.

Environment: My studio is a bit magical, with the walls covered in art, lots of plants (including orchids), a water fountain, string lights, and decorations. It’s a creative, calming and safe environment. Please do not touch anything, but feel free to look at the art and plants.

Children: Parents, you know your kid best. If they would do fine with the workshop, they are welcome. Keep in mind the tools and supplies we will be using when deciding. If they will try to eat any supplies, it isn’t a good idea. My space is small, not child proof, and it has a lot of things that could be easily damaged if touched (including plants). Your child needs to be able to not touch the art, plants, and decor. You could bring a soft toy they can hold to help them. They are welcome to look at all of it. You will need to keep a close eye on your child and make sure they are entertained. If they need to step outside at any time for a break to move and then come back, that’s fine. I’ll guide your child artistically and make the art accessible for them; you’ll be in charge of the rest. Feel free to bring devices/books/toys. I’m great with kids, and I’ll make it a fun experience for them. I am autistic and happy to work with disabled kids and adults. I will ask for your child’s consent to help them with things and respect their bodily autonomy.
I highly suggest taking the workshop with your child.

Parties: I offer party art workshops upon request.


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