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Join me for a rainbow paper collage workshop, surrounded by plants and art (plus blooming orchids). I’ll teach you about repetition in art and walk you through making your own unique 8″x10″ collage on a wood panel, while you enjoy a relaxed and supportive ambiance. You’ll have a rainbow of bright colors to choose from to create your piece, graph paper, and you can finish it with a glitter coat if you want. You’re welcome to bring your own alcoholic drink to sip if you like. Great for a date, exploring your creative side, or helping your child explore their creativity. LGBTQ+ friendly.

This workshop will be rescheduled once Covid-19 is no longer an issue.


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This workshop is limited to people I know, KCL, and their partners/friends/family.

Schedule: Please arrive on time. We’ll start at 2; feel free to come at 1:45.

Clothing: Wear comfortable clothes with short sleeves. We’re not using paint for this workshop, but we will be using adhesive, and it can get on your clothes. Pajamas and workout clothes are fine; whatever makes you feel comfortable. I’ll have you leave your shoes at the door.

Expectations: My goal is to teach you to be able to make more art on your own, so I’ll also teach you proper art supply handling and clean up. In each class I teach a different principle of art or other basic art concept, and model how to talk about it at an art event or museum. Explore your artistic side and learn how to talk about art, or build a portfolio and knowledge for art school.

Location: Near downtown Overland Park, KS. You will need to be able to climb a flight of stairs to access the space. I will send the address right before the event. There is ample close parking.

Adults: You may bring your own bottle and turn this into a sip and art event. Drink responsibly, and don’t drink and drive.

Children: Parents, you know your kid best. If they would do fine with the workshop, they are welcome. My space is small, not child proof, and it has a lot of things that could be easily damaged if touched (including delicate plants). Parents will need to keep a close eye on their children and make sure they are entertained and can sit still. I’ll guide your child artistically and make the art accessible for them; you’ll be in charge of the rest. Feel free to bring devices/books/toys to help with that. I’m great with kids, and I’ll make it a fun experience for them. If a child will be a student, please tell me their age at checkout, and let me know if they will need safety scissors, or if you will bring some for them.

Parties: I offer birthday party art workshops upon request.

3 reviews for Colorful Paper Collage Workshop – Upcoming

  1. Kinzie Ferguson (verified owner)

    April did an amazing job making art accessible to my 3 year old. He was so unsure of the process when we first arrived, but April broke it down, made it simple, and guided him through the process. We had an amazing time, and will definitely be coming back for more April Mai workshops in the future!!

    On another note: I also can’t wait to do a class on my own (or on a date with one of my partners) so I don’t have to be looking after a 3 year old the whole time….. I want my own art experience now!

  2. Heather Ericacae (verified owner)

    It was a really fun and relaxing workshop. I went in with very little experience in art. I now know about techniques for movement and a little about depth. We even learned about cleanup, which is a useful skill to have with messy art styles. Being able to take home something that I made, and am proud of how it looks, is the best part of the experience!

  3. Rocky Cummins (verified owner)

    April is a great teacher and made the blank canvas less intimidating and very approachable. It was fun and felt good coming home with my own work of art

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