Stim Party! - Saturday February 26, 2022 10:00-10:15 am CST

Stimming (sensory seeking behavior) is vital to Autistic people’s self-regulation, and it can be fun for everyone else, too!

This is a 15 minute live Zoom event designed around Autistic people’s needs. It is for all ages, and I will use plain language in the live and lead us through stimming. Be ready with your stim toys, a soft pillow or blanket, a comfortable place to sit, and an area with open space.

This is a Zoom event. You will receive the invitation prior to the event time via email.

Please read all the details in the description below.


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I will encourage you to use whatever stim toys you have, and I’ll use the ones I have. It’s okay if you don’t have any. Just find some objects around the house that are not fragile and are safe to handle that have different textures and feels to them. Find something soft and fuzzy if you can. I will do a little echolalia (repeating words). I will be modeling how to work on Autistic self-regulation. I will give an insight into autistic experiences or brains at some time during the show. The party will end with some deep breathing and positive words. I will not have any music in the background, so you can play whatever music you like best.

My Stim Parties are for everyone — from newly diagnosed or self-diagnosed adults or teens, to kids, or people who are not Autistic. Stimming and connection are both vital to Autistic mental health.

I am an Autistic adult.

If you have an Autistic child, I suggest participating with the event in parallel play alongside them. If the whole family can, that’s ideal as it can be a bonding experience. Do not try to force or push them to be in front of the screen or watch or do any part of the program. Wandering around and listening is still a form of participation and learning. Bodily autonomy and personal choice comes first. Manipulating their body or forcing them to participate in any way will only erode valuable trust and teach them that they don’t get to decide what happens to their body. It will not help them.

*I will record this event and make it available on my website for those who were not able to attend. If you don’t want to be recorded on the zoom event, just set your video status to off. I will mute all participants during the event to avoid disruption.

Download Zoom ahead of time to be ready for this event.


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