All Painting – Liquid Series

A square abstract painting with a liquid flow that combines all of the colors! Black, pink, green, light blue, yellow, red, silver and gold swirl together, creating a bright party of colors. There’s more pink in the bottom right corner, and more green in the bottom left corner. The rest of it is all swirling around.

Part of my Liquid Series.

Original. Acrylic on Wood Panel. 8″ x 8″ x 0.75″ 2022. Titled & signed on the back. Sturdy wooden structure.
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How to Care for Acrylic Paintings on Wood Panels:

Acrylic paint is pretty durable, and water resistant, although not water proof. Keep it away from direct sunlight and humidity.

Don’t put anything against the painting. Acrylic paint is very, very sticky and will grab onto paper/ink/paint with a vengeance and refuse to let go. Wrapping a wood panel painting in plastic before packing it is the best way to go.

I like to hang my wood panels with two nails in the wall, which lets them be flush against the wall and is secure and easy to hang. A jagged tooth hanger can be added to the back if you have your heart set on it, just make sure you set the painting on saran wrap on a flat surface to protect the front of the painting while you add it.

If you need to clean an acrylic painting on wood panel, use a clean feather duster to dust the painting. If you need to remove dirt from the painting, you can use a wet cloth (preferably soft jersey, like an old t-shirt) to remove dirt from an area. Remember you are applying water to wood, which is not great for the wood. Work gently on a small spot, using only as much water as is necessary. Immediately dry the area once cleaned with the dry part of the cloth.

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