Unmask Stim Water Safe Food Watercolor Autism Self-Care Shirts + More

“Unmask, Stim, Water, Safe food” in neat script black font, surrounded by watercolor illustrations. In the top left is a green fern. In the bottom right, there is a cake made with strawberries. Next to the word “Stim” on the right is a pink bird with red wings and a pink crest, singing. In the bottom left is one green leaf. Hearts in pinks, reds, green, and neutral throughout. Get your autistic gear from an autistic person! (I’m autistic)

Threadless prints my shirts and more on demand, with high quality. You can choose your shirt style and color, hoodie, tote bag, mug, throw pillow, travel mug, zip pouch, notebook, face mask, neck gaiter, phone case, sticker, magnet, button, greeting card, and more.



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