Production Painting Art Print

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A square mixed media (acrylic, fabric, ink) abstract painting with strips of fabric printed with my colorful ink paintings. The left half of the painting has 3 fabric strips, with a blue, purple, yellow, and seafoam swirl pattern taking up a short amount of space, then a plaid-like pattern with pink, teal, and purple with splatters below it, and below that a horizontal red, blue, and green striped pattern with two vertical stripes. On the right side, in the top corner there’s a little piece of fabric that is teal and darker teal striped horizontally, and below that vertical red and teal stripes. To the left of those is vertical stripes of purple, seafoam, and white, with blue circles on lighter blue below, and horizontal red and pink stripes at the bottom of the painting. To the right of the circle print is vertical red and purple stripes, as well as partly above it horizontally. In the middle left of the painting covering a few different fabrics is a thin vertical strip of fabric with teal stripes on white, and towards the bottom of that is an overlapping strip with red and pink.

Part of my “You Be You, I’ll Be Me” series.

Print of my original art
8×10 inches / 20.3×25.4 cm paper
0.25 inch / 0.64 cm white border for framing
Titled + Signed


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Production Painting Art Print

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