Classic Paint Blobs Large Portal Glitter Link NFC Tag Keychain Clip

Clear resin with paint blobs in gold, metallic purple, metallic teal, seafoam, spring green, dark red, silver and white with a white NFC tag disc and tiny green metallic beads for texture on the back. The front is also kind of texturized, if you run your finger over it. Perfect for painters!

Resin keychain with a Near Field Communication tag inside, handmade by me, with a clip so you can easily put it on anything. Hold it up to a person’s phone, and it will pop up a notification with your link! I can program it with a link of your choice, or you can do it yourself using an app and an NFC compatible phone. It’s a digital business card or anything else you want it to be.

1 inch (25mm) diameter keychain with small swivel clip in metal, silver tone. Resin piece is 2″x1.6″ (5cm x 4cm). Contains 25mm white NFC tag disc, 215 chip with 504 byte usable memory. Read/write and lockable. If written, not returnable. I love bumpy edges and textures more than perfect smoothness, so some of my Glitter Links also make good stress relief toys when you run your fingers around them. Each is a little work of art and different.

$40 USD



Links you could put on it:

  • Your LinkTree
  • Your Website
  • A business card profile on a website like Popl
  • Put your payment URL on it so people can pay you immediately
  • Your instagram link for cuties
  • Your new song
  • Your newsletter sign up form
  • Any other link works, too!

No application is needed to read it, it just pops up a notification when placed against the device at the right spot. Works with iPhones 6 and newer and most Android phones with NFC setting and/or contactless payment set on. Some phones have it on as default and some don’t. Not everyone has a phone that can read it, so I still carry a few business cards in case.

To trigger the notification, most phones will need to be unlocked but not in photos. They may get a banner notification to click on or they may get a yes/no button notification depending on their phone. Hold the Glitter Link directly against their phone. For iPhones it will need to be held to the top of the center of the back of the phone. For Androids it is usually a bit lower toward the center of the back of the phone. I often end up moving it around a little to find the right spot and tell them to let me know when it pops up.

Keep it away from magnets, as they can destroy the chip inside. Can go through x-ray scanners.

If you’re going to leave it unattended, you may want to lock it so it can’t be rewritten. Once locked, the link can never be changed. There are numerous NFC apps you can download that can read/write/lock. NFC Tools is one of them.


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