Teal Impasto Painting Detail

Teal Impasto Painting Detail by April Marie Mai with treen, teal, yellow, orange, and white paint plus glitter.
Teal Impasto Painting Detail


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Watermelon Painting Detail by April Marie Mai

Watermelon Impasto Detail

A close up of my impasto painting, "Watermelon." Beautiful colors dancing in rainbows on this abstract artwork. Please follow Crutches...

Be Kind to Yourself

Twirl Cloud Painting Detail

Abstract impasto painting "Twirl Cloud" by April Marie Mai. A rainbow of colors with mainly blue, swirling and dancing together.



Kaleidoscope 46d Print

Kaleidoscope 46d Print

Blue circles on blue and white. Part of the Kaleidoscope series, playful digital art prints that replicate a kaleidoscope slowly...

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Boundaries 5 Print

Boundaries are blurred, with watercolor green, blue, and black boundaries moving all over on a teal background. Part of the...

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