Mindfulness Exercise

Take note of the little things. The smell of a flower. The feel of grass. The warmth of tea. - April Marie Mai
Be Kind to Yourself


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Cash and Carry Paintings Oct 7 to Dec 16, 2022 at InterUrban ArtHouse

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Kaleidoscope 119d Print

Kaleidoscope 119d Print

Green circles orbited by blue details and orange and yellow diamonds. Part of the Kaleidoscope series, playful digital art prints...

Kaleidoscope 1 Print

Kaleidoscope 1 Print

Blue, pink, white, and purple acrylic paint in triangular patterns. Part of the Kaleidoscope series, playful digital art prints that...

Abstracted Adiantum Fern Print

Branch Print

A branch nature specimen drawing, with a red twig and variegated green leaves. Part of the Botanica Collection, with bold...

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