Don't make assumptions. Don’t talk down to us, talk about us as if we’re not there, etc. Even if you think we're not listening or understanding, we probably are.
[Image Description:"Sunset on the Lake" by April Marie Mai A vertical rectangle impasto (thick paint) acrylic abstract painting with teal, seafoam, blue, neon orange, yellow, green, metallic gold and white combining in an expressive palette knife movement style. The colors are scattered all over with neon orange popping. Each swipe of the palette knife is different and contains multiple colors. Part of my Color Explosion series. Acrylic on Canvas. 48″ x 36″ x 1.5″]
"Sunset On The Lake" by April Marie Mai, 2020, Acrylic on Canvas, 48″ x 36″ x 1.5″

Don’t make assumptions.
Don’t talk down to us, talk about us as if we’re not there, etc. Even if you think we’re not listening or understanding, we probably are.


What we have to say is valid.
We’ve lived a lifetime of people telling us that our input is not important, that we’re lying about our own experiences, that we don’t get to speak for ourselves. We speak up because our voices are ignored.


All forms of communication from autistic people need to be accepted.
Non-speaking does not mean non-communicative or less intelligent. Whether it’s an AAC device, pointing, sign language, or something else, autistic people are always communicating. When people choose not to listen, that is a reflection on who they are, not a reflection of our value.


We have value.
We shouldn’t have to say this, but we do. Human value goes beyond what we create for capitalism. All people have intrinsic value and rights, including us.


For many of us it takes a lot more energy to interact.
This is caused by many things: masking, Autistic burnout, past trauma of being rejected for speaking honestly, etc. Each sentence can be hard work. Sometimes we’re quiet because of how we’ll be treated for speaking up.


It’s imperative that we show everyone respect and caring, including autistic people.


What do you think?

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