Vibrant Art Experiences

By an Autistic Artist

The beauty of art and everyday life collide to make something new. I'm building a community around color, art and enjoying the little things in life. My goal is to add to the world while connecting with people who enjoy my work.


April Marie Mai

Sharing wonder and joy with the world is something I believe in. There's beauty in the everyday lives we lead, as well as in swirls of paint. I'm always pushing to discover something new or find a new way to talk about difficult things. I hope my work brings you joy and the knowledge that you are not alone.

April Marie Mai

Artist (They/Them)

Cynthia A with Spectrum Web

When I first beheld the original, I was ecstatic. The texture of the canvas surface with paint thrilled me more than I expected. Each stroke of color layered in a purposeful manner but flowing as elegantly as notes from a well tuned cello. Oh my, the blend of color in each stroke is an image in its own right!

Cynthia A

Collector (She/Her)

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